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All trees are green. But locally sourced timber is the greenest of all because it hasn’t had to travel halfway around the world to reach your lounge or office.

English Woodlands.jpeg

Protecting British woodland

When you love your local woodland, cutting down its trees might seem a little counterintuitive.


But making British forests useful is the best way to protect them. When woodland pays its way for the guardians of that land, we’re more likely to enjoy many more walks under its branches.


It’s better for the environment too. Using older trees makes room for carbon-hungry saplings to grow. Managed properly, timber is one of the few truly sustainable resources.

Local Saw Mill

We partner with a local timber provider who shares our way of thinking. The wood we use grows within a 140-mile radius of the mill, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting this much-loved habitat on our doorstep.

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