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Part replacement scheme   

The key to circularity is to reuse and repair instead of replace. Think of furniture like a car. When the brake light goes, you don’t buy a whole new vehicle.

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At the core of every Jott design, you’ll find a timber frame built to remain the backbone of your piece for many years to come.

 Here’s how it works;

When your cushions, cases and springs eventually wear out, we’ll replace them. The process is quick, convenient and comes with a totally clean conscience





Order replacements online with a discount for returning used parts.

Receive your replacements delivered to your door.

Use the cardboard packaging provided to return the old components.

We’ll reuse or recycle them.

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Your Jott timber frame becomes more characterful and unique with age. Preserve and enhance your piece with our care kit for wood. Comes with full instructions. Available in our online shop.


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