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200 Miles

Our British timber grows within a 140-mile radius of our FSC or PEFC accredited wood mills. All told, your furniture travels less than 200 miles before setting off to your door, minimising energy consumption and transport pollution.

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The environment shapes every decision we make. At present we are placing all our efforts into becoming 100% plastic free and we are so close.

Most furniture glues and stains contain harmful chemicals. We’re working with our suppliers to develop equally effective formulas without these substances. It’s not easy. So, until we get there, we’re using a low-toxin alternative that balances minimal environmental damage with outstanding performance.

Clean, green

We package our pieces in recycled cardboard. Never plastic. Never foam. Where possible, we’ll take used packaging away with us for reuse or recycling.

In Transit

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English Woodlands (high res).jpeg

What’s next

We know there’s always more we can do. Right now, we’re developing natural material cushions that can be recycled or composted.

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