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When it comes to output, we tread carefully. We use minimal, natural materials to handmake small batches in our Gloucestershire workshop. Everything can be reused or recycled. Nothing ends up in landfill.

Pieces this beautiful deserve to last several lifetimes. We deliver exceptional design and high-quality craftsmanship centred around durability and comfort. We honour traditional construction techniques which allow refurbishment and repair as your furniture evolves alongside you.

This is design and manufacture done with purpose: handling materials with respect, making every element count. We look beyond short-lived trends, choosing timeless style and a pared back philosophy. 

Low impact


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Mindful simplicity

Furniture with a Purpose

We make honest,  well-crafted furniture for your home or workspace.


Our design ethos is circular. We engage with the whole product cycle, from sourcing, to making, to using, to eventual end of life recycling. With this considered approach,  our pieces don’t weigh on the planet’s resources or your conscience.  


This is furniture that earns its place in the world, from one generation to the next


With products this pure, there’s nowhere to hide. Every piece is distilled to its essential parts: the natural beauty of British timber combined with a classic design aesthetic.

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